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WWW.SHUPHUB.COM is an electronic commerce platform company within Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the wider Caribbean which empowers your company to offer your products for sale online. Products include but not limited to apparel, shoes, jewelry, health and beauty products, books, electronics, furniture, food, toys, automotive accessories etc.

We offer a secured online payments system recognized by most if not all local banks providing your customers that security when they pay. We also offer local delivery within Trinidad and Tobago as well as regional shipping.

Reach Millions of Customers

Access a massive audience of confident customers – in Trinidad, Tobago and the Wider Caribbean. Get onboard with a fast growing online ecommerce platform which aims to attract millions of monthly unique visitors, taking Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean to the next level of online trading.

Let us do the Work!

At we will do the work for you. Easy as 1-2-3. We will:

  1. Take photo inventory and videos of your products;
  2. Upload to the website, and create that visibility for your product;
  3. Deliver product to your customers as and when required;

No Worries! No Monthly Maintenance! No Hidden Fees!

Put Your Products in the Spotlight

Get the Word out, boost your product visibility with Sponsored Products Keyword-targeted advertising. We have heavily invested in advertising online creating the awareness you need to take your product to the next level and increasing your Return on investments.

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You can contact us at to register or call 1-868-270-2803

We look forward to hearing from you!